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Sizing Chart
Most women will experience increased breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The size change will vary from woman to woman, but generally it will increase at least one bra and one cup size (for example, an average woman's normal size 36B will increase to 38C). Expanding ribcage to accommodate the growing baby and beginning of milk production are responsible for this change. We recommend measuring yourself before purchasing new lingerie during this period of your life.

Bra size:
Measure around the chest, just under the arms, above the bust. This measurement is your bra band size. For example, 38" means that you are size 38. If your measurement ends in a fraction or is an odd number, round up to the next even size.

Cup size:
Measure snugly around the fullest point of the bust, keeping the tape measure level without sqeezing (measurement A). Measure below the breasts (measurement B). The difference between measurements A and B equals your cup size; refer to the chart below (for example: measurement A is 40", measurement B is 37" - therefore the cup size is 40"-37"=3", or C).

Difference Cup Size
1" A
2" B
3" C
4" D
5" DD
6" F (DDD)
7" G

Panty size:
The panty size for most women will remain the same during and after pregnancy: for example, if you are used to wearing size M (Medium), you will be comfortable in our size M. Our unique adjustable panties will expand with your hips and belly during pregnancy; you can also continue wearing them as you go back to your normal size after delivery. Measure your waist and hips to find which size works best for you.

Waist Hips US US France Europe
26"-27" 37"-38" 5 S 42 40
28"-29" 39"-40" 6 M 44 42
30"-31" 41"-42" 7 L 46 44
32"-33" 43"-44" 8 XL 48 46

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