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Baby Names Meanings
Over 40,000 baby names and meanings
Baby Name Search Results of African origin.

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  Name Origin Sex Meaning
1.AbayomiAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning bringer of happiness.
2.AbdallaAfricanMaleServant of God. (Swahili).
3.AbebeAfricanFemaleAsked for (Nigerian).
4.AbebiAfricanFemaleAsked for (Nigerian).
5.AbeekuAfricanMaleGhanian word for one who is born on Wednesday.
6.AbejideAfricanMaleNigerian name for one who is born in the wintertime.
7.AbiodunAfricanMaleNigerian name given to one born during war.
8.AbiolaAfricanMaleNigerian name given to one born during the New Year.
9.AdaAfricanFemaleFirst daughter. (Nigerian).
10.AdahAfricanFemaleFirst daughter. (Nigerian).
11.AdanaAfricanFemaleHer father's daughter. (Nigerian).
12.AdannaAfricanFemaleHer father's daughter. (Nigerian).
13.AdanyaAfricanFemaleHer father's daughter. (Nigerian).
14.AddaeAfricanMaleGhanian word for the morning sun.
15.AdeAfricanMaleNigerian word meaning royal.
16.AdebayoAfricanMaleNigerian for 'he was happy'.
17.AdebenAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the twelfth-born son.
18.AdejolaAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'the crown needs honour'.
19.AdesolaAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'the crown honoured us'.
20.AdikaAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the first child from a second husband.
21.AdioAfricanMaleRighteous. (Nigerian.).
22.AdisaAfricanMaleThe clear one (Nigerian).
23.AdofoAfricanMaleGhanian word for warrior.
24.AdomAfricanMaleGod's blessing. (Ghanian).
25.AdunbiAfricanMaleNigerian word for pleasant.
26.AdusaAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the thirteenth-born child.
27.AganjuAfricanMaleIn Yoruban mythology, Aganju was the son and husband of Ododua, the earth goddess.
28.AiyetoroAfricanMalePeace on earth. (Nigerian).
29.AjaniAfricanMaleHe fights for possession. (Nigerian).
30.AkanniAfricanMaleProfitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth (Nigerian).
31.AkiikiAfricanMaleFriend. (Ugandan).
32.AkiliAfricanFemaleBright. Smart. (Tanzanian).
33.AkinlabiAfricanMaleWe have a boy. (Nigerian).
34.AkinlanaAfricanMaleBrave (Nigerian).
35.AkonoAfricanMaleMy turn. (Nigerian).
36.AkuaAfricanMaleGhanian name for one born on Thursday.
37.AkweteeAfricanMaleGhanian name for the second twin born.
38.AlikaAfricanFemaleMost beautiful. (Nigerian).
39.AmaAfricanFemaleSaturday's child. (Ghanese).
40.AmadiAfricanFemaleRejoicing. (Nigerian).
41.AmadiAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'fated to die at birth'.
42.AmbonisyeAfricanMaleTanzianian name meaning 'God rewards me'.
43.AmeenaAfricanFemaleTrustworthy. (Swahili).
44.AmeenahAfricanFemaleTrustworthy. (Swahili).
45.AmiAfricanFemaleSaturday's child. (Ghanese).
46.AminaAfricanFemaleTrustworthy. (Swahili).
47.AminahAfricanFemaleTrustworthy. (Swahili).
48.AminehAfricanFemaleTrustworthy. (Swahili).
49.AnaneAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the fourth son born.
50.AndweleAfricanMaleTanzanian name meaning 'God brings me'.
51.AniwetaAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'brought by a spirit'.
52.AnumAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the fifth born child.
53.AparaAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'child that comes and goes'.
54.ArenAfricanMaleEagle. (Nigerian).
55.AshiaAfricanFemaleHope. Mythology: the wife of a Hindu demigod. (Somali).
56.AtaAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the first-born twin.
57.AtsuAfricanMaleGhanian name given to the second-born twin.
58.AtuAfricanMaleGhanian name given to a boy born on Saturday.
59.AtuanyaAfricanMaleA surprise; unexpected. (Nigerian).
60.AyizeAfricanMaleLet it come. (Zulu).
61.AyoAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'happiness'.
62.AziAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'youth'.
63.AzizaAfricanFemalePrecious. (Swahili).
64.BabafemiAfricanMaleNigerian for 'my father loves me'.
65.BakariAfricanMaleSwahili name meaning 'promising'.
66.BarutiAfricanMaleBotswanan name meaning 'teacher'.
68.BemAfricanMaleNigerian word for 'peace'.
69.BetseraiAfricanMaleZimbabwean name meaning 'help'.
70.BoboAfricanMaleGhanian name given to a child born on Tuesday.
71.BoduaAfricanMaleGhanian name that means 'animal tail'.
72.BomaniAfricanMaleMalawian name meaning 'strong soldier'.
73.BornaniAfricanMaleMalawian name meaning 'warrior'.
74.BosedaAfricanMaleNigerian name given to a child born on Sunday.
78.ChenziraAfricanMaleZimbabwean name meaning 'born while traveling'.
79.ChiAfricanMaleNigerian word for 'God'.
80.ChikaAfricanFemaleGod is supreme. (Nigerian).
81.ChikaeAfrican-AmericanMaleGod's power.
82.ChikeAfricanMaleVariant of Chuioke: Nigerian name meaning 'talented'.
83.ChineloAfricanMaleVariant of Chuioke: Nigerian name meaning 'talented'.
84.ChineseAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'God protects'.
85.ChinuaAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'God's blessings'.
86.ChiokeAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'God's gift'.
87.ChionesuAfricanMaleZimbabwean name meaning 'protector'.
88.ChisuloAfricanMaleMalawian name meaning 'steel'.
89.ChiumboAfricanMaleKenyan word meaning 'small child'.
90.ChuiokeAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'talented'.
91.ChumaAfricanMaleZimbabwean name meaning 'bead'.
92.CilomboAfricanMaleCamp by the road.
93.CineseAfricanMaleVariant of Chinese: Nigerian name meaning 'God protects'.
95.ClevonAfrican-AmericanMaleVariant of Cleavon: Cliff.
97.DadaAfricanMaleNigerian name meaning 'curly-haired child'.
98.DakaraiAfricanMaleZimbabwean name meaning 'happiness'.
99.DaliaAfricanFemaleGentle. (Tanzanian).
100.DalilaAfricanFemaleGentle. (Tanzanian) (Swahili).
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