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Baby Names Meanings
Over 40,000 baby names and meanings
Baby Name Search Results of NativeAmerican origin.

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  Name Origin Sex Meaning
1.AbedabunNative AmericanFemaleSight of day (Chippewa).
2.AbequaNative AmericanFemaleStays at home (Chippewa).
3.AbequeNative AmericanFemaleStays at home (Chippewa).
4.AbooksigunNative AmericanMaleWildcat (Algonquin).
5.AbornazineNative AmericanMaleAbnaki word for keeper of the flame.
6.AbukcheechNative AmericanMaleMouse (Algonquin).
7.AchakNative AmericanMaleSpirit (Algonquin).
8.AdahyNative AmericanMaleLives in the woods (Cherokee).
9.AditsanNative AmericanMaleListener (Navajo).
10.AdoeeteNative AmericanMaleKiowa word for tree.
11.AdoerteNative AmericanMaleVariant of Adoeete: Kiowa word for tree.
12.AdoetteNative AmericanFemaleLarge tree.
13.AdooeetteNative AmericanMaleVariant of Adoeete: Kiowa word for tree.
14.AdsilaNative AmericanFemaleBlossom (Cherokee).
15.AhanuNative AmericanMaleHe laughs (Algonquin).
16.AhigaNative AmericanMaleHe fights (Navajo).
17.AhmikNative AmericanMaleBeaver.
18.AhoteNative AmericanMaleRestless one (Hopi).
19.AhtunowhihoNative AmericanMaleOne who lives below (Cheyenne).
20.AhusakaNative AmericanMaleWinnebago word for wings.
21.AiyanaNative AmericanFemaleEternal blossom.
22.AkandoNative AmericanMaleAmbush.
23.AkechetaNative AmericanMaleFighter (Sioux).
24.AkuleNative AmericanMaleLooks up.
25.AlahmootNative AmericanMaleNez perce word for an elm branch.
26.AlamedaNative AmericanFemaleGrove of cottonwood.
27.AlaquaNative AmericanFemaleSweet gum tree.
28.AlawaNative AmericanFemalePea (Algonquin).
29.AleekcheaahooshNative AmericanMaleCrow name meaning accomplished.
30.AlgomaNative AmericanFemaleValley of flowers.
31.AlikkeesNative AmericanFemaleNez Perce name meaning haircut.
32.AlikkeesNative AmericanMaleNez Perce name meaning haircut.
33.AllahkolikenNative AmericanMaleNez Perce name meaning antlers.
34.AloNative AmericanMaleSpiritual guide (Hopi).
35.AlsoomseNative AmericanFemaleIndependent (Algonquin).
36.AmadahyNative AmericanFemaleForest water (Cherokee).
37.AmitolaNative AmericanFemaleRainbow.
38.AnakausuenNative AmericanMaleWorker (Algonquin).
39.AneMyNative AmericanFemaleSuperior.
40.AngeniNative AmericanFemaleSpirit.
41.Angvariationu TokeNative AmericanMaleSioux name meaning another day.
42.AngwusnasomtaqaNative AmericanFemaleCrow mother spirit (Hopi).
43.AnktiNative AmericanFemaleRepeat dance (Hopi).
44.AnnaNative AmericanFemaleMother (Algonquin).
45.AnnawanNative AmericanMaleVariant of Annawon: Algonquin name meaning Chief.
46.AnnawonNative AmericanMaleAlgonquin name meaning Chief.
47.AnokiNative AmericanMaleActor.
48.Apash WyakaiktNative AmericanMaleNez Perce name meaning flint necklace.
49.ApenimonNative AmericanMaleWorthy of trust.
50.ApiatanNative AmericanMaleKiowa name meaning lance.
51.AponiNative AmericanFemaleButterfly.
52.AponiviNative AmericanMaleWhere the wind blows down the gap (Hopi).
53.AppanooseNative AmericanMaleSauk word for child.
54.AqueneNative AmericanFemalePeace.
55.AranckNative AmericanMaleStars (Algonquin).
56.ArapooshNative AmericanMaleCrow name meaning stomach ache.
57.Ar-ke-kee-tahNative AmericanMaleOto name meaning stay.
58.Arre-catte WahoNative AmericanMaleOmaha name meaning large elk.
59.AshishisheNative AmericanMaleCrow name for crow.
60.AshkiiNative AmericanMaleBoy (Navajo).
61.Ashkii DighinNative AmericanMaleNavajo name meaning sacred child; holy child.
62.AskookNative AmericanMaleSnake (Algonquin).
63.AskuwheteauNative AmericanMaleHe keeps watch (Algonquin).
64.AtagulkaluNative AmericanMaleCherokee name meaning pitched trees.
65.Ata'halne'Native AmericanMaleHe interrupts (Navajo).
66.AtepaNative AmericanFemaleWigwam (Choctaw).
67.AtsidiNative AmericanMaleNavajo name meaning blacksmith.
68.AttakullakullaNative AmericanMaleVariant of Atagulkalu: Cherokee name meaning pitched trees.
69.AvonacoNative AmericanMaleLean bear (Cheyenne).
70.AwanNative AmericanMaleSomebody.
71.AwenasaNative AmericanFemaleMy home (Cherokee).
72.AwendelaNative AmericanFemaleMorning.
73.AwenitaNative AmericanFemaleFawn.
74.AwinitaNative AmericanFemaleFawn (Cherokee).
75.AyashaNative AmericanFemaleLittle one (Chippewa).
76.AyasheNative AmericanFemaleLittle one (Chippewa).
77.AyawamatNative AmericanMaleOne who follows orders (Hopi).
78.AyitaNative AmericanFemaleFirst to dance (Cherokee).
79.BagwunagijikNative AmericanMaleVariant of Buegoneguig: Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky.
80.BemidiiNative AmericanMaleOjibwa name meaning river by a lake.
81.BemossedNative AmericanMaleWalker.
82.BenaNative AmericanFemalePheasant.
83.BeshiltheeniNative AmericanMaleNavajo name meaning metalworker.
84.BidziilNative AmericanMaleHe is strong (Navajo).
85.BilagaanaNative AmericanMaleWhite person (Navajo).
86.BimisiNative AmericanMaleSlippery.
87.BisahalaniNative AmericanMaleNavajo name meaning speaker.
88.BlyNative AmericanFemaleTall.
89.BodawayNative AmericanMaleFire maker.
90.BornbazineNative AmericanMaleVariant of Abornazine: Abnaki word for keeper of the flame.
91.BuegoneguigNative AmericanMaleChippewa name meaning hole in the sky.
92.CanowicakteNative AmericanMaleSioux name meaning forest hunter.
93.CashesegraNative AmericanMaleOsage name meaning tracks of a large animal.
94.CatoriNative AmericanFemaleSpirit (Hopi).
95.CetanwakuwaNative AmericanMaleSioux name meaning attacking hawk.
96.Cha'akmongwiNative AmericanMaleCrier chief (Hopi).
97.Cha'kwainaNative AmericanFemaleOne who cries (Hopi).
98.ChankoowashtayNative AmericanMaleGood road (Sioux).
99.ChansompsNative AmericanMaleLocust (Algonquin).
100.Cha'risaNative AmericanFemaleElk (Hopi).
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