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Baby Names Meanings
Over 40,000 baby names and meanings
Baby Name Search Results of japanese origin.

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  Name Origin Sex Meaning
1.AkemiJapaneseMaleBeautiful sunrise/dawn.
2.AkenoJapaneseMaleIn the morning; bright shining field; beautiful sunrise/dawn.
3.AkihikoJapaneseMaleBright boy.
5.AkikoJapaneseFemaleIris; light and bright.
6.AkioJapaneseMaleVariant of Akihiko: Bright boy.
7.AkiraJapaneseMaleVariant of Akihiko: Bright boy.
8.AndaJapaneseFemaleMeet at the field. A Japanese surname.
9.AnekoJapaneseFemaleOlder sister.
10.BenjiroJapaneseMalePeaceful; enjoy peace.
11.BishamonJapaneseMaleThe Japanese god of war.
12.BotanJapaneseMaleLong life.
14.ChikoJapaneseMaleArrow or pledge.
15.ChiyoJapaneseFemaleThousand years; eternal.
16.ChokichiJapaneseMaleGood fortune.
17.DaiJapaneseMaleLarge; generation.
18.DannoJapaneseMaleField gathering. Surname.
19.EbisuJapaneseMaleJapanese god of labour and luck.
20.ErikoJapaneseFemaleChild with a collar. The suffix -ko means child.
23.JiroJapaneseMaleSecond son.
24.JobenJapaneseMaleEnjoy cleanness.
25.JomeiJapaneseMaleSpread light.
26.JuroJapaneseMaleTenth son; best wishes; longevity.
27.KaemonJapaneseMaleJoyful; righthanded. Old Samurai name.
28.KamekoJapaneseFemaleChild of the tortoise.
30.KamlynJapaneseFemaleVariant of Kami. Lord.
31.KamlynJapaneseMaleVariant of Kami. Lord.
32.KammiJapaneseFemaleVariant of Kami. Lord.
33.KammieJapaneseFemaleVariant of Kami. Lord.
34.KaneJapaneseMalePutting together; money. Surname.
35.KannonJapaneseMaleForm of Kuan-yin who was Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy.
36.KanoJapaneseMaleOne's masculine power; capability.
37.KaoriJapaneseMaleAdd a man's strength.
38.KayaJapaneseFemaleAdds a place of resting.
39.KeijiJapaneseMaleGoverns with discretion.
41.KenJapaneseMaleStrong; physically healthy.
42.KenjiJapaneseMaleIntelligent second son; strong and vigorous.
43.KenjiroJapaneseMaleSecond son who sees with insight.
44.KentaroJapaneseMaleSharp; big boy.
45.KumikoJapaneseFemaleCompanion child; drawing together.
47.MaekoJapaneseFemaleTruth child.
48.MaemiJapaneseFemaleSmile of truth.
49.MaiyaJapaneseFemaleSurname meaning rice valley.
51.ManzoJapaneseMaleTen thousand-fold-strong third son.
52.MareoJapaneseMaleRare; uncommon.
53.MarikoJapaneseFemaleBall; circle.
54.MariseJapaneseFemaleInfinite; endless.
55.MariseJapaneseMaleInfinite; endless.
57.MatsukoJapaneseFemalePine tree child.
58.MichieJapaneseFemaleGateway; gracefully drooping flower.
59.MichikoJapaneseFemaleChild of beauty.
60.MichioJapaneseMaleMan with strength of three thousand.
62.MikiJapaneseFemaleThree trees together.
64.MikioJapaneseMaleThree trees together.
65.MinoruJapaneseMaleBear fruit.
66.MitsuJapaneseFemaleSurname meaning shine; reflect.
67.MiyaJapaneseFemaleThree arrows; temple.
68.MontaroJapaneseMaleBig boy.
69.MorioJapaneseMaleForest boy.
70.NarikoJapaneseFemaleGentle child.
71.NikkiJapaneseFemaleTwo trees. Used as surname.
72.NikkiJapaneseMaleTwo trees. Surname.
73.NikkoJapaneseMaleDaylight. Surname.
74.NorikoJapaneseFemaleChild of ceremony; law; order.
75.RaiJapaneseMaleTrust; lightning; thunder.
76.ReiJapaneseMaleLaw; strive.
77.ReizoJapaneseMaleCool; calm; well-groomed.
78.RenjiroJapaneseMaleClean; upright; honest.
79.RenzoJapaneseMaleThird link or third son.
80.RinjiJapaneseMalePeaceful forest.
81.RokaJapaneseMaleWhite crest of the wave.
82.SachioJapaneseMaleFortunately born.
83.SaniiroJapaneseMalePraise; admirable.
84.SeijiJapaneseMaleLawful; manages affairs of state.
85.ShodaJapaneseMaleFlat and level field.
86.SuzuJapaneseFemaleLong-lived; crane.
87.SuzuJapaneseMaleLong-lived; crane.
88.TadaoJapaneseMaleComplacent; satisfied.
89.TajiJapaneseFemaleSurname meaning silver and yellow color.
90.TajiJapaneseMaleSilver and yellow color.
91.TakeoJapaneseMaleStrong like bamboo.
92.TamaeJapaneseFemaleBall; bell.
93.TamiJapaneseFemaleLet people see benefit.
95.TanjiroJapaneseMaleHigh-valued second son.
96.TareeJapaneseFemaleBending branch.
97.TaroJapaneseMaleBig boy.
98.TauraJapaneseFemaleMany lakes;many rivers.
99.TayaJapaneseFemaleValley field.
100.TeijiJapaneseMaleRighteous; well governed.
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