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Maya Wrap Adustable Pouch Carrier

Maya Wrap Adustable Pouch Carrier
Maya Wrap

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Maya Wrap Adustable Pouch Carrier
  • Easy - Simply adjust the zippers to fit your size, slip it on and set your baby inside.
  • Sleek disign - If you don't want extra fabric or a tail, this is the baby carrier for you.
  • Convenient - Small enough to fit in a diaper bag or purse.  There is no need for a bulky awkward stroller.
  • Multi-sized - Available in 3 sizes.  Your Pouch is adjustable over a range of 5 settings.  All you need to do to change settings is unzip your Pouch and re-zip it.
  • Safe - Our zippers have been safety tested to withstand in excess of 150 pounds.  In the unlikely event that a zipper should fail or come unzipped, your Pouch is designed so that it cannot completely open.  The pouch will merely lengthen to the largest setting.
  • Long lasting - The pouch can be used while you child grows from infant to toddler (35 lbs).
  • Comfortable - 100% cool, breathable cotton cloth that is not bulky or confining.

Maya Wrap baby slings and carriers keep you in direct contact with your baby for constant bonding.  This is important because studies suggest that carried babies cry less and are more content.  They spend more time in a state of quiet alertness; the optimal state for learning.  Positioning in the sling allows the baby to view their environment which increases their visual alertness.
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Additional information:
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Colors:(click swatch for expanded view)
14 15 22 27 28 29 30
31 33 37 39 44 49 51
52 53 57 58 59 60 61
62 63 64 65 67 68
  Colors may not be available in all sizes

Fabric Content:
  • The regular fabrics are 100% cotton, hand loomed, and the color is obtained by dyeing.
  • In the color grown fabrics (numbers 27 and 28) the color is a natural part of the 100% cotton fabric and are machine loomed.  The color grown cotton is not organically grown.  Number 67 is undyed.

  • With most styles of baby slings it is necessary to put an arm around your baby when you bend over.  Because the Pouch is not tied tightly against your body, it will pivot when you bend over.  This allows slightly more freedom for your hands.
  • The deep pocket of the Maya Wrap Pouch Baby Carrier allows you to safely carry newborns on your back.
  • Babies with head control prefer to sit up so they can see their world.  You can carry your child in the Pouch Baby Carrier sitting cross legged or seated with with his or her feet coming out of the bottom of the Pouch.
  • Pulling up the fabric on the outer part of the Pouch Baby Carrier allows you to cover yourself when nursing.
  • With the Pouch Baby Carrier it is easy to wear your toddler on your back.
  • Newborns need to be carried in a reclining position until they have achieved head control.  You can place your baby with his or her head on either side of the Maya Wrap Pouch Baby Carrier.

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