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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump - instructions for use

1. Ameda Purely Yours pump diagram
2. For your health and safety
3. Cleaning instructions
4. Tips about pumping
5. Guidelines for milk storage and thawing
6. Using the HygieniKit
7. Using the Purely Yours electric breast pump
8. Adapting to the manual One-Hand breast pump
9. Using the One-Hand breast pump
10. Attaching the Ameda Freezer Bag
11. The Flexishield Areola Stimulator
12. Technical Data
13. Troubleshooting the Purely Yours Breast Pump

1. Ameda Purely Yours Pump Diagram

Ameda Purely Yours Pump Diagram


2. For Your Health and Safety

The Purely Yours breast pump is a personal care item and for hygienic reasons should never be shared between mothers or resold from one mother to another.

Before Each Use...

  • Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling the collection kit, the pump, or other attachments.
  • Take the collection kit apart to clean.


3. Cleaning Instructions

Unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare provider, follow these sanitizing and cleaning instructions

Prior to using the kit for the first time, boil all parts of the collection kit for 20 minutes - except for the tubing, white cap and white pump connector. Remove all parts from water immediately after boiling. Completely air dry before assembly and next use.

Ameda tubing, white cap and white pump connector

Do not wash the tubing, white cap and white pump connector.

Set aside the tubing, white cap and white pump connector. These items do not need to be washed or sanitized because the silicone diaphragm prevents them from coming into contact with the breast milk.

The breast flange and bottles may be cleaned in the upper compartment of your dishwasher or hand washed with dish soap in hot water. For best results, Ameda recommends using a baby bottle brush to clean the bottle and a baby nipple brush to clean the insides of the breast shield. DO NOT use solvents or abrasives. Rinse with hot, clean water. All other parts of the collection kit should be hand washed to prevent loss and extend their usefulness.

Remove the white valves, breast flanges, silicone diaphragms, breast shields and collection bottles for cleaning after each use of the pump. The silicone diaphragms and white valves should be hand washed to prevent loss and extend usefulness. It is important to properly reassemble these parts for the collection kit to operate as designed with the Purely Yours or any other Ameda electric breast pump.

Completely air dry cleaned parts on a clean towel or drying rack. If they will not be used for several hours, cover them with a clean towel.

Ameda White Valve For HygieniKit NOTE: Use caution when cleaning the small white valve. It is critical for proper suction. Do not use excessive force and do not clean with a baby bottle brush or a nipple brush. Gently wash by hand in hot soapy water and rinse under hot running water.
NOTE: Before using the HygieniKit Milk Collection System, visually inspect the individual components for cracks, chips, tears, discoloration or deterioration. If discovered, they may affect functionality of the collection kit and should be discarded. Please call 1-877-MYBIRTH for further guidance and replacement parts.

4. Tips about pumping

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